Something Blue

Something Blue creates a whole new meaning to “til death do us part.”

To the viewer,

Tragedy. We live our lives in the shadow of death, yet it always takes us by surprise. No matter how much we prepare, we are never fully ready when it comes to claim us. Or those we love.

In the face of such gloom, one might wish to reject this understanding. To refuse to acknowledge our fate, and live in blissful disregard of our ultimate demise.

It can be comforting to think this way. But to act upon it is perilous.

The short story “Something Pretty” by Charley Karchin is an uncomfortable read. It unflinchingly holds up a mirror to the very heart of the human condition.  Challenging material, deserving of a cinematic exploration.

The result is a short film, Something Blue, that is as unsettling as it is thought provoking.  It is a fable without morals. A romance without love. A tale of necromancy in a world where magic has died. Most of all, it is the story of a man, a simple man, very much like ourselves, who attempts to defy the power that life and death holds over those he loves.

To do this, he must commit what to the outside world would seem horrible, unspeakable things. But does that really make him a villain? A madman? A monster? For whether he does these things out of madness, or desperation, or, as he claims, love…is he not still human?

I will not say do not judge him. Only, listen first to what he has to say.

Listen to his story.


Jordan X. Waterworth, Director

Loi Huynh, Director


Ari Miller

Kate Becker